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What We Do

Pilot Plants & Commercial Manufacturing in China
Manufacturing Sites
* Three contracted commercialized manufacturers in Jiangsu, China, each comprised
Fof laboratories, pilot plants and commercial manufacturing facilities

Quality Systems
* Two manufacturers ISO9001 certified, one manufacturer China SFDA GMP certified

EHS Standards
* Three manufacturers all ISO14000 certified, one OHSAS18000 certified

Key Reactions

* Coupling

* Cyanation

* Halogenation

* SulfonationH

* Fluorination

* ChlorinationH

* Nitration

* Bromination

* Diazotization

* Friedel-Crafts

* Cloromethylation

* Asymmetric synthesis

Manufacturing Capability
* Reactor size: 50L to 5000L with materials of GL, SS
* Reaction temperature: -70ˇăC to 200ˇăC
* Reaction pressure: 50 bar max

Quality Control
* All well equipped with HPLC, GC, IR, UV and other analytical instruments

* Custom manufacturing from Kilo to multi Tonnage scale
* Capable of receiving Technology Transfer